Jamaica Hills Dentist

With the oversight of your Jamaica Hills dentist, maintaining the beautiful vitality of your smile is easier than ever before! At Albee Dental Care in Jamaica, our talented dentist, Dr. Douglas Garczynski and his professional team have been providing exceptional quality dental care to the greater Queens community for almost 30 years. Making a comprehensive array of advanced dental services available to you and your loved ones, we’re an excellent resource for your preventive, pediatric, implant and cosmetic dentistry needs. As a staple of our commitment to helping our patients establish and maintain good oral health throughout the year, we emphasize a preventive dental care program for patients of all ages. Encouraging you and your family members to schedule routine checkups at our office just twice a year, we can provide you with the treatment, education, and instruction necessary to keep your oral health on the right track.

When it comes to the prevention of dental disease, brushing and flossing daily at home can make a dramatic difference. Dental plaque is home to colonies of harmful bacteria, which, when left to accumulate in our mouths, can result in cavities and eventually gum disease. The good news is that with a proper oral care regimen at home along with semi-annual trips to our office for preventive care, you can almost entirely eliminate the threat of these conditions! When you come to our office for your checkup, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive oral examination. Utilizing the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging technology, our Jamaica Hills dentist is trained to scan for a sweeping variety of dental conditions, from dental decay and the first signs of gum disease, to TMJ and screenings for oral cancer. With the vast majority of dental conditions, treatment can be far simpler when an issue is detected early on.

By following a consistent oral care regimen at home and coming in to see your Jamaica Hills dentist every six months, you can nearly eliminate the development of dental disease in your smile! To schedule your next appointment, call the friendly staff at Albee Dental Care in Jamaica today! Providing high quality and affordable care, our office accepts most dental insurances, dental savings plans and offers Care Credit so that you and your family can begin care without stress or delay.

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