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Maintaining good oral health requires little effort when you consider the rewards of a clean, beautiful smile! At Albee Dental, your Jamaica Estates dental office offers a sweeping variety of advanced services to help you establish and maintain the best possible oral health. For over 25 years, our experienced dentist has remained committed to elevating the standard of care for our patients, and welcomes the opportunity to provide you and your loved ones with the essential preventive care we all require. Encouraging patients of all ages to schedule routine checkups at our office every six months, we can help to prevent the onset of a variety of dental issues.

When it comes to the prevention of dental disease, good oral hygiene is the first line of defense. The dental plaque which builds up after we consume sugary foods is home to harmful bacteria, which if not removed can lead to cavities and eventually gum disease. Because brushing and flossing daily are essential practices for sustaining your oral health throughout the year, our team provides careful hands-on instruction and personalized attention, so that you’re sure to get the most out of your efforts at home. We also provide professional teeth cleanings so that any plaque buildup can be expertly removed from difficult to reach areas of your mouth. Perhaps most importantly, at our Jamaica Estates dental office, your dentist will perform a comprehensive oral examination, carefully checking on the health of your teeth, gums, and jaws. This enables us to detect issues early on, when treatment is typically the easiest. For your children, we take special care to make their visits engaging and fun, while monitoring their dental growth and development and providing them with specialized treatments to help strengthen and shield their developing teeth from dental decay.

When you combine a proper oral care regimen at home with semi-annual checkups at our Jamaica Estates dental office, together we can almost entirely eliminate your risk for dental disease! To schedule your next appointment for routine preventive care at our office, call Albee Dental today!

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