Jamaica Children’s Dentist

As dentists, we want to help your children smile with comfort, confidence, and ease. Here at Albee Dental, we provide a comprehensive range of services to keep your entire family’s oral health in tip-top condition. From our quality program of preventive dental care, to the latest in emergency, restorative, implant and cosmetic services, our practice is an exceptional resource for the oral care needs of patients of all ages. When you bring your kids to see our Jamaica children’s dentist, you can rest assured that we make trips to our office comfortable and friendly to put you children well at ease during their visit. We offer extra-gentle care for our pediatric patients, and provide them with the foundational treatments and education necessary for a lifetime of excellent oral health.

A recent report from the American Dental Association, confirms that tooth decay is the single most common childhood disease. As a Jamaica children’s dentist, our goal is to help child who comes to our office for care enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile. By taking a preventive approach to helping children establish a strong foundation for a lifetime of oral health, we can significantly reduce their risk for cavities and other dental issues. Simply making a commitment to scheduling semi-annual checkups at our office, allows us to provide your children with state-of-the-art preventive care. During every checkup visit, we perform a comprehensive oral examination, to assess the health and development of their teeth, gums, and jaws. We also perform a professional teeth cleaning to remove any difficult to reach plaque buildup. By providing engaging instruction in the proper methods for brushing and flossing, as well as education about the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene, and the dangers of a sugary diet, we can teach your kids the fundamental practices and knowledge necessary to maintain a clean, healthy smile throughout the year. To further aid in the prevention of tooth decay, we provide specialized treatments, such as the periodic application of topical fluoride and the placement dental sealants on newly erupted, permanent back molars to further strengthen and protect their developing teeth.

To schedule your next family visit to see our experienced Jamaica children’s dentist, contact the friendly staff here at Albee Dental today!

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