Where Can I Find A Cosmetic Dentist In St. Albans?

If you’ve been thinking about enhancing the appearance of your smile, your cosmetic dentist in St. Albans is an exceptional resource. Highly knowledgeable and prepared to provide you with professional guidance as to the most suitable options for achieving your treatment goals, Dr. Douglas Garczynski offers personalized attention and consideration for each patient. Whether you’ve been considering having your teeth whitened professionally, porcelain veneers, or a complete smile makeover, at Albee Dental, you can rest assured that your dentist will provide you with the highest quality care.

With cosmetic dentistry, no two treatments are ever the same.  Prior to cosmetic treatment, your dentist in St. Albans will carefully examine your mouth to establish a baseline for your custom treatment. For patients interested in making over their smile, one of the most conservative treatment options is with porcelain dental veneers. With veneers, an ultra-thin sheet of porcelain is bonded sturdily to the treated fronts of your teeth, like a new façade for your smile. Highly customizable in shade, shape, and proportion, veneers can be used to touch up minor chips, spacing, worn down teeth, or major discolorations, unresponsive to traditional whitening methods. Whatever your treatment goals, porcelain veneers allow you to retain a maximal amount of healthy tooth structure when compared to more extensive restorative options. And because veneers are fabricated with the highest dental grade porcelain resins, they achieve a stunning realism, and are highly resistant to staining. With proper care, veneers provide an excellent, long lasting solution for enhancing the beauty of your smile.

It’s truly remarkable what your dentist in St. Albans can do for your appearance! Whether you’re considering a smile makeover with porcelain dental veneers, prescription strength whitening under the supervision of a professional, or one of the many fabulous cosmetic options offered at Albee Dental, give a call to Dr. Garczynski to discuss your best options today!


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