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Jamaica Dental Office

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Jamaica dental office

Jamaica dental office

Are you looking for a great dental practice that will be able to help you and your family with all your dental care needs? Do you know a dentist you can go to for porcelain veneers or other restorative work? When you need a dentist, you will want to see a dentist who is highly trained, provides exceptional dental care, and offers a wide array of services. If you are looking for a dental care practice that provides expert care and will always treat you as the important individual that you are, visit us at our Jamaica dental office, Albee Dental Care.

At Albee Dental Care the Director of Dental Services is Dr. Douglas Garczynski. Our practice was first opened in 1988, and we have been providing top-notch dental care ever since. Among the important dental services that we offer is providing patients with porcelain veneers. Dental veneers are a great way to provide a cost-effective dental correction for cosmetic dental problems. Porcelain veneers are wonderful for helping patients have the following type of cosmetic dental problems corrected: teeth that are discolored and cannot be whitened with conventional dental teeth bleaching methods; chipped teeth; teeth that have surface scratches in the enamel; teeth with uneven gaps between them; teeth that are short; teeth that are slightly misaligned; teeth that are misshapen; and other purely cosmetic dental problems. At our Jamaica dental office patients walk in with smiles that are seriously damaged, and walk out with smiles that are beautiful and inviting. Many of our patients experience a great boost of self-confidence when their smiles are once again beautiful and fully restored.

When you come to our Jamaica dental office our dentist will be able to examine your teeth and let you know the options available to restore your damaged teeth to their original beauty. When problems are purely cosmetic, dental veneers are often a great treatment option. Veneers are actually thin porcelain shells that are made to cover only the front of the tooth. They do not strengthen the tooth, or help with chewing. However, dental veneers will definitely make a striking difference to the cosmetic appearance of your teeth. The application of dental veneers, and establishing the attractive look of your dental veneers, both call for the outstanding technical and aesthetic skill that is found in our dentist. We know that you will be thrilled with the results, and will leave our office smiling when your veneers are in place and permanently attached. If you would like to come to our office to find out what treatment is recommended to restore your damaged teeth, contact us at Albee Dental Care.

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